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Jealousy and envy are two different feelings, yet they are commonly confused. To be jealous is to essentially be suspicious of another’s motives. To be envious is to be covetous of another’s possessions, material or not. We are envious of what we believe someone has, we are jealous of who we believe people are.

feeling jealous

Inquire: What Do You Think You’re Missing?

Jealousy is usually an indication of our own lacking as opposed to what might be “wrong” with someone else. Feeling jealous means we are feeling inadequate or incomplete in our own lives. Rather than sit and brood in jealousy, use it as an opportunity to find out what is going on beneath the surface of your life.

Ask Yourself: Am I Comparing Or Am I Competing?

Jealousy comes with a particular practice of comparing one’s insides, how they feel, to one’s outsides, or how they perceive others. Comparing tends to result in jealousy and can quickly get unhealthy. Competing, on the other hand, is relatively healthy. Humans are meant to compete in an effort to maintain survival of the fittest. However, competing can turn unhealthy if one is to start criticizing themselves as well as another person. If you notice you are competing and comparing, practice mindfully letting go of those behaviors by focusing on yourself.

Keep Working On Yourself

One thing is for certain: no work can be done on the self when all of one’s time, energy, and focus is being spent on others. Instead of moving forward with yourself, you are in a standstill, fixated on the life of another person. As your days go by wondering why their life is the way that it is, you lose precious time to change your life in radical ways. Find gratitude for the opportunity to define your own life and start living it.

Wish Them The Best

Contrary action is a phrase that refers to doing the opposite of what feels natural in a situation. To do the opposite of jealousy, meaning the suspicion we have of someone else’s deservingness or motive in life, be happy for them and wish them the best. The truth is, you can never really know at what cost someone’s external life comes. A smile could hide pain, a relationship could be masking abuse, money could be covering up desperate loneliness.


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