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Soda drinks are high in sugars, artificial flavorings, and a host of other chemicals. Simply stated, soda is not good for you. Nutritionally speaking, there is no reason to really drink soda. Most likely, it is the brand loyalty, nostalgia, memory association and habit of drinking soda that keeps you coming back. Soda brand marketing is huge, incorporating lifestyle marketing, extreme sports, and major sports. Brands like Pepsi and Coca Cola are globally renown. Without an ounce of natural nutritional benefit, soda has become a natural part of life.

addicted to soda

Delicious soda has been found to be useful in other ways aside from attempting to satisfy your thirst. Science experiments have found that sodas can: clean rust, clean toilets, disintegrate iron, and rot teeth. Famously the question is postulated: we wouldn’t feed sodas to our plants so why would we feed them to our bodies? The truth is most people keep drinking soda because they don’t know how to stop.

You might need to consider quitting soda if:

  • You’ve been diagnosed with diabetes
  • You crave soda when you don’t have one in hand
  • You drink more soda than actual water
  • Your experiencing poor dental health
  • You feel agitated when you run out of soda, and relieved when you get more soda
  • You need soda to accompany other behaviors like meals, smoking cigarettes, or drinking alcohol

Here are some ways you can start quitting soda today:

Quit Cold Turkey: aside from the temporary sugar withdrawal, no great harm will come to you from deciding not to drink any soda tomorrow. You might notice psychological symptoms of withdrawal like cravings, irritability, or even depression. Simply give soda up and in about a week the cravings will be gone.

Water it down: if quitting cold turkey sounds too challenging, try meeting your soda with more water. Pour a glass that is half soda half water. Before reaching for a soda at all, try drinking a glass of water first. You’ll help retrain your brain to crave water to quench your thirst instead of soda.

Try fruit juices or tea drinks that don’t have added sugar: getting used to plain water can be hard. Thankfully, there is no extreme law of soda or nothing. The beverage market is vast, including a wide variety of healthy drinks. Try coconut water, with other fruit flavors like pineapple. You’ll be extra hydrated, get some sweetness, and satisfy your need for a flavored drink. If caffeine is the issue, try an unsweetened tea drink like green tea which will help give you that extra boost.

Aurora Recovery Centre supports a healthy lifestyle of recovery which includes making smart nutritional choices. We incorporate nutrition based learning into our holistic program of healing. Focusing on mind, body, and spirit, Aurora lights the path to lifelong recovery. Call us today for more information on our programs of treatment for men and women seeking support for substance use and co-occurring disorders: 1-844-515-STOP


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