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Addicts and alcoholics have many shortcomings. Through working the 12 steps, they come to terms with those shortcomings after conducting a thorough inventory on their resentments in their life. Everyone has that one, or two, or three things about them which could be better. We’re selfish, resentful, jealous, envious, prideful, and more. We are prone to these things because we are easily misdirected as humans. Addiction is a misdirection of sorts. Addiction is what happens when the brain becomes disorganized and prioritized due to a constant influx of mind altering substances like drugs and alcohol. However, addiction isn’t something we are prone to. Addiction can be something we are predisposed to because of our genetics and our environment. Unlike negative character defects, addiction is not a shortcoming. It’s a disease that comes on without our knowing it.

addiction disease not shortcoming

Making Choices

It’s true that using drugs and alcohol in large quantities is a choice. Every addict and alcoholic has to come to reconcile with the fact that on some day at one point in time during their lives, they chose to pick up that first drink. However, they also realize that overtime the choice to stp was taken away from them. It isn’t because they didn’t choose to. It’s because the way their brain chemistry changed prevented them for being able to recognize that the choice was still theirs to make. Addiction is not a choice. Addiction is a brain disease that takes away the power of choice because of crippling cravings both psychological and physiological. When your brain is convinced that without drugs and alcohol it might die, it is difficult to make the choice not to use again. Cravings are only one part of the equation.

There is also the lack of judgment, the cognitive deficits which impair the brain from making good decisions, and the disregard for consequence. Addiction creates a sort of vertigo in which there  is nothing else the addict can see but a tunnel vision for their substances of choice. Addiction may start as a choice. It starts as a shortcoming, an inability to say no to something. When addiction develops into a disease, it takes over the mind, the body, and the spirit.

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