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Eventually, our addiction precedes us. When family considers inviting us to a holiday get together when we are in our active addictions, they think first about what they will have to deal with. Drugs and alcohol have a way of not only “highjacking” our brains, but who we are. It is likely that the family member our families loved and adored disappeared quite some time ago. Due to the way addiction takes control of the way our brains and body act, we are different people when we are high or drunk. Being around family can be stressful, causing us to feel uncomfortable, triggered, and craving to use.

addiction during holidays

Family Challenges

As a result, many of us spent many holidays uncomfortably detoxing around family, uncomfortably intoxicated around family, causing family drama, or completely alone. For some of us, the holidays went on normally, only we were aware of the problems which lay beneath the surface. Such memories can cause the holidays to be difficult, troubling times, reminding us of the pain of holidays past.

Holidays can also be a time of great hope. These are the times when we can reach out for help, or, if we’ve gotten help, show up sober for our families. Remember that, no matter how alone you feel, you are not alone during the holidays. All you have to do is reach out for help.

Who To Ask For Help With Addiction During The Holidays

If your family has cast you out and blocked your number, call Aurora Recovery Centre, a trusted friend, or an addiction hotline. We are here to answer your calls and help you design a program for treatment. We provide medically assisted detox, residential inpatient, and other levels of treatment including dual diagnosis treatment. Treating both substance use disorders and mental health disorders, our goal is to light the way for your recovery, showing you how to live in mind, body, and spirit, with a clean and sober lifestyle.

Enrollment and admissions are always open at Aurora Recovery Centre. You will feel at home in our beautiful facility located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. The resort like feel offers you luxury, comfort, and accommodation as you do the necessary therapeutic work to learn how to live a new life sober. Call 844-515-STOP for more information today.


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