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The pitch of perfection is the subconscious psychology relied upon by advertising agencies around the world. ‘What’ is perfect is less important than what is ‘imperfect’, which is you, the consumer. Perfectionism as a sales tactic works two ways.

First, you the consumer must believe that you are imperfect in some way that you either already know or were unaware of. Second, the advertising company must sell you a perfect product that will help cure you of your deficiency. Oftentimes that “perfect product” comes in the form of someone’s body. After seeing an image of a model who seems to have the “perfect” body, you become keenly aware of your own body. Until this moment, you thought your body was just fine– acceptable, even. Suddenly, you think that perhaps your body is not as “good” as the bodies in the advertisement. In fact, your body could be better– much better.

boys body image

Advertisements Affect Boys’ Body Image, Too

Males around the world are reportedly falling into this trap at alarming rates. 23% of males aged between the impressionable ages of 8-18 years old believe there is realism in the idealistic portrayal of a “perfect body.” Up until recent years, the relationship between a perfectionistic body type and dieting has been reserved for female psychology.

However, 55% of boys agree that they would change their diets and habits to achieve a “better” looking body. Young boys’ psychology about this matter is not isolated. Over half are aware of eating disorders being prevalent issues among their gender and recognize extreme dieting as being gender neutral. Suffice to say that the commonly sexist line drawn between the genders regarding eating disorders is rapidly fading. Boys are influenced by friends, social media, advertising, and celebrity icons.

Problematically, due to widespread societal and cultural stigma regarding the male personality, many young boys are hesitant to approach adults about their suffering. Both boys and adults are widely unaware of how pervasive male-focused body image is; for example, male models receive just as much digital alteration in advertisements as female models.  Increasing awareness through education and continuing the fight against body shaming, as well as alteration in media, will help bring love back to young men and their bodies.

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