Which is worse, the problem that is seen or the problem that is unseen? Alcoholism is a problem courageously faced by many, yet still equally hidden out of shame by many more. Alcoholism which remains unacknowledged does not go away or get suppressed in a stable habit. Instead, untreated alcoholism worsens. Shame, guilt, fear, and stigma fuel the alcoholic’s feelings of isolation, unworthiness, and sickness.

alcoholism ignored

Alcoholism is not a social deficit but a chronic disease of the mind which can ultimately lead to death. As with any diagnosable disorder, there should be an immediate search for treatment and a cure. Though today there is no one distinguished cure for alcoholism there are multiple methods of treatment which can provide lifelong sobriety. 

Alcoholism is a progressive disease

It continues to get worse, it rarely corrects itself with time. That is because the psychology of alcoholism is an obsessive desire, psychological dependency on, and physical need for moreMore is not a personal decision until one personally decides: no more. Until that day, alcoholism will continue to grow, as it has been, for thousands of years.

Alcoholism Cannot Be Ignored

Alcohol has been one of the world’s most prevalent and celebrated drugs since it was first invented. Wine is a biblical sacrament. Even Noah, who built the great ark and saved the animals from a flooding earth, found himself drunk and naked on a beach for weeks on end. Alcohol is pervasive in modern culture. Advertising and marketing budgets for alcohol companies are in the hundred millions. There is scant a country in the entire world which is free from the sale of alcohol. For every pint sold there is a potential alcoholic. Choosing to ignore the blatant reality of alcoholism as a cultural, societal, and genetic problem faced by the whole world creates a worse problem.

Alcoholism can completely usurp a loved one’s life and the lives of those they love. Their brains have been “hijacked” by a complete reprogramming of basic functions: eat, sleep, hunt, reproduce. Survival instincts, as they are dictated by the brain, become worshipers of a new primary purpose: alcohol. How many drinks it takes to make an alcoholic is still a question. It is a question, however, which seeks to rationalize the irrational. It is equally irrational to assign alcoholism as a ‘thing’ which can just be swept under the carpet. Alcoholism can be treated, if you start today.

Aurora Recovery Center is ready to welcome you to recovery. Alcoholism can be treated. Lifelong sobriety is possible. Our beautiful lakefront facility in Manitoba offers men’s and women’s programs for alcohol addiction at detox, inpatient, and sober living levels. For more information call 1-844-515-STOP today.


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