Anxiety has the ability to permeate every part of someone’s life. Everyday situations which seem perfectly normal and harmless to someone without anxiety are overwhelming. Anxiety can cause someone to withdraw from life entirely, shying away from opportunities to live in the same way as others. Like other mental illnesses, anxiety changes the way a person perceives their reality.

anxiety act differently

What seems realistic and rational to someone with anxiety might seem unrealistic and irrational to someone who does not live with it. Different kinds of anxiety disorders have different specific kinds of effects. Generally, however, anxiety disorders create the same effect: anxiety.

Discomfort, hyper analysis, judgment, criticism, fear, paranoia, and insecurity can plague someone with anxiety in normal situations. Instead of being able to just walk through the difficult moment, anxiety takes over. Even when using the most effective emotional regulation tools or taking the best medicine, anxiety can still reign. Beyond being an uncomfortable mental experience, anxiety causes physical sensations like shortness of breath and muscular tension.

Anxiety Causes You To React Differently

It is true. When living with an anxiety disorder, you react to just about everything differently than just about everyone. Normal everyday situations cause you more stress and anxiety than most people, from sending a text message to ordering lunch. You’re overcome by stress and worry about the worst possible outcome.

Anxiety Can Be Managed

Through treatment and therapy, anxiety can be managed. Anxious thoughts may never go away, but the hyper-anxious reactions to normal situations will. With emotional regulation, you can learn to identify how a situation will trigger your anxiety and work through it. Anxiety is often treated with cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and mindfulness based stress reduction. Learning to manage anxiety will make those uncomfortable moments feel more relatable. Though the reactions may never be normal, they will be closer to normal than before.


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