“When the going gets tough…” we say, we often have to get tough in response. Coping with tough times in life can make us doubt even the most sure and secure thing we have: recovery. If you are doubting yourself and losing sight of what recovery means to you, here are a few suggestions.

appreciate recovery
  • Share your experience, strength, and hope: sometimes it is important to remind ourselves that we have come so far. So stuck in the present moment and fearing the future, we forget about where we were in our lives not too long ago. One great way to connect to the beginning is to share your experience, strength, and hope in recovery. Lead a meeting, share at a meeting, or grab coffee with a newcomer who wants to hear your story. You’ll be quickly humbled and also amazed at how far you’ve come.
  • Make sure to notice each good moment: when the going gets tough it’s easy to remember how good drinking and using used to be. Tempted to turn the other cheek to recovery and opt for what is familiar, you’ll want to take a moment to recall how good recovery has been, even if it isn’t good right now. So in those precious moments when you find yourself thinking, “I can’t believe my life is this good” store it to memory for later use.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back: sure, you’re not perfect. Things definitely don’t seem to be going great right now. Maybe you’re not grateful and you’re even having cravings to relapse. The truth is if you’re still sober and struggling through it, despite the struggle, you’re still sober. Congratulations– you’re defying the odds.
  • Remember, it could be worse: we like to think that our worst case scenario is the absolute worst on earth. Everyone’s worst is the worst to them. Try on a little perspective to remember that whatever difficult thing you are going through in life right now, there’s a chance it could be worse, but it isn’t.
  • Remind yourself “This Too Shall Pass”: each time we come upon a bad time, we forget how bad the last time was. We somehow convince ourselves that the last time things were bad it wasn’t really that bad, because this time is clearly much worse. You got through that hard time before, then things were really good again. Good times and bad times both come and go. All things are temporary and transitional.


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