Service is something that stands on its own as something that is done as well as an action. As a noun, service means “the action of helping or doing work for someone.” As a verb, as that action, service means “perform routine maintenance or repair work.”

being of service

Typically, that work has to do with a vehicle or machine. However, that definition readily applies to recovery. Service in recovery is both a verb and a noun. The actual service we do is helping others. When we are ‘of service’ to our fellows, friends, and families, we are servicing our spiritual selves. Meaning, that being of service is like performing daily check ups on our spiritual program. Additionally, service is a fantastic method for “getting out of self”.

Being of service is a means for practicing gratitude and humility. We’ve been given a whole new life in recovery. From takers to givers, we seize each opportunity we can to give back to the world.

Stay Sober

The number one thing you can do to be of service to others is to stay sober. One day at a time, your sobriety is making the world a better place. By choosing not to drink and use each day, you keep the world around you a better place. You are at your best self when you are clean and sober. You deserve your best you and so does everyone around you.


Spend time at a retirement home, with children, animals, or in a place that interests you. Taking time out of your own schedule to devote to others is a great practice in service.

Complete the steps & take someone else through them

Your primary purpose in recovery is to help the newcomer by carrying the message of transformational spiritual experience. You’re of service to yourself when you finish the steps. Taking another person through the process gives them the same opportunity your sponsor gave to you. You’re paying it forward and growing your service-hood.

Support your family in ways you didn’t use to

Show up to family dinners on time. Better yet, arrive early and ask what you can do to set up. Always bring a dish, and offer to help clean up. Our families, however they may be, have gone through a lot of pain watching us destroy our lives with drugs and alcohol. Many times they supported us when we could not support ourselves. We show gratitude to them by showing up when we are asked.

Be a Good Friend.

Do good at your job, in school and in life.

Take a commitment at a meeting.


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