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Emotional abuse is a very real form of abuse that leads many people to substance abuse, depression, or even suicide. Without visual scars, cuts, or bruises, one might not be able to tell if another is in an emotionally abusive relationship. If you feel that you or a loved one might be in an emotionally abusive situation, call Aurora Recovery Centre today for help. 844-515-STOP.

being emotionally abused

You Consistently Feel Isolated From The Rest Of The World

Someone who is emotionally abusive can make a point of making themselves feel like your whole world. Likely, they are highly insecure, paranoid, and incredibly controlling. They might claim to be antisocial, say that your friends and family don’t like them, or they’re simply misunderstood. Whatever their reasoning, they keep you close. When you aren’t close, they keep close tabs on what you’re doing and how you are with at all times.

For emotional abuse there is a difference between jealousy and being informed. You might feel like you are being watched or as if you are serving a prison sentence rather than participating in a relationship. Overtime, you notice that your world feels smaller and smaller.

You Fear Hearing What They Have To Say

You change your dress, your language, your behaviors, your entire way of life in order to avoid hearing what your partner would have to say about it. At best they will be rude. On worst days they are aggressive, loud, condescending, and mean. You find you are unable to anticipate when the next verbal attack will come. Something is bound to be your fault and you know you will pray a price for it.

Verbal abuse is often not taken seriously due to stigma and the normalization of language. However, readings of the brain have shown that words hurt as badly as physical pain. Verbal abuse is equally traumatizing and damaging as physical abuse. If you believe you are being verbally abused, don’t discount it. Ask for help.

You Feel Like A Slave

Manipulation is a form of emotional abuse. Your partner has high demands and if you don’t meet them you will pay a price. You feel like a slave to their endless manipulative and abusive ways. There is no safe way out and no safe way to say no. Eventually you might convince yourself that this is just the way they are and the way things have to be to keep them happy. Rest assured, this is not the case.


Aurora Recovery Centre offers dual diagnosis treatment for men and women who are in need of help. We treat substance use disorders as well as mental health issues like depression and trauma. For more information call 844-515-STOP.


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