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Carfentanil made its appearance in Winnipeg this year, introducing a new terrifying synthetic drug to Canadian residents. In neighboring countries, Carfentanil has been making its way into pills being sold on the street as lower intensity opioids or benzodiazepines. Officials found blotter sheets, pages of pull apart squares which are disintegrated on the tongue (think: LSD) in a Winnipeg hotel room, covered in Carfentanil.

What Is Carfentanil?

Carfentanil is another synthetic opioid drug. Opioids are drugs that find source in the opium plant. Heroin, morphine, and prescription painkiller drugs are all opioid drugs. Carfentanil is the second synthetic opioid to cause problems internationally. Earlier in 2016, synthetic opioid Fentanyl became a problem. Fentanyl at the time was terrifying to law enforcement officials due to the fact it can be 100 times stronger than morphine.

carfentanil canada

Synthetic opioids are developed to treat chronic pain patients who do not respond well to normal opioids. Carfentanil was developed for a very specific kind of patient, however: animals. The synthetic opioid can be up to 1000 times stronger than morphine and is meant to tranquilize large animals like elephants. Even a dose of just 20 micrograms can be fatal for a human being.

Carfentanil in Canada is being found in powder from mixed in with other powder -based drugs like heroin, cocaine, and crystal meth. Carfentanil can also be found in pill form.

How is Carfentanil Used?

Carfentanil can be used in a few ways. Taken orally through pill form, Carfentanil takes the longest to digest and is not as strong. When Carfentanil is found in powder form, it can be taken by smoking and inhaling, reaching the bloodstream quicker, or intravenously. Intravenous synthetic opioid use commonly results in overdose. Peculiar to Carfentanil use, the blotter tabs can be used orally or to be absorbed through the skin.

Synthetic Opioids In Winnipeg

Fentanyl trends have been on the rise in the Winnipeg area. Already addicted to the powerful effect of synthetic opioids, many are at risk for overdose when they find Carfentanil.

Recovery from synthetic opioids should be started immediately if you or a loved one are suffering from addiction to drugs like Carfentanil. Aurora Recovery Centre provides proven medically assisted treatment and a continuum of care designed to carry our members through every stage of recovery. For more information, call 1-844-515-STOP.


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