Can we change the world from being in self-isolation?

We all remember the video of the William McRaven, US Navy Admiral, talking about how to change the world by making your bed as the first thing you do when you wake up.

The initial statement of changing the world simply by making your bed was interesting enough because a lot of us thought that was too small an act to do any actual good on a larger scale. 

As the video goes on, Admiral McRaven speaks about accomplishing a simple task and the reward of pride it gives you, as well as the encouragement to do another task.

While the world is basically on lock down, going through self-isolation from the Coronavirus, these words have never been more important or relevant. Being “stuck at home”, it’s easy to get into a rut – to give up hope that you can be productive. 

It’s too easy to just get on your phone and start scrolling through your social media feed. Before you know it, an hour or more has just gone by.

The sheer amount of media about COVID-19 that you’re ingesting is overwhelming and fear-inducing, taking you down another notch. We stop taking phone calls and start ignoring texts, because what’s the point.

To put the speech from Admiral McRaven into the context of self-isolation today, Goalcast has put together an excellent visual of how it relates. 

Check out the video on their Facebook page below!


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