Aurora Recovery Centre

You were saying it in so many ways. Perhaps you never really used the words “I need help” because you weren’t sure anyone would hear you or believe you. The problem was obvious. Your relationship with drugs and alcohol had gotten out of control. Yet, nobody was listening.

Maybe you couldn’t hear what others were saying. Time after time your family suggested you cut back your drinking, consulted a doctor about your drug use, or encouraged you to take a break for a while. Your partner told you there were problems at home. Your boss told you that your performance was down. The problem was obvious- your relationship with drugs and alcohol had gotten out of control. Yet, you weren’t able to hear what anyone was saying.

characteristics good listener

Listening is important to the function of our world. Governments need to listen to their citizens. Bosses need to listen to their employers. Often, we need to listen to our higher intuition more often or the sound advice of others. We receive messages millions of times a day, telling us different things. How many of them do we hear? What are we really listening to? Some messages are more important than others. However, because we aren’t paying attention we don’t really hear what we are supposed to.

These are the characteristics of a good listener. See which you possess and be humble about which you need to work on:
  • You let the other person have their turn at speaking
  • You don’t try to outdo anyone when they share with you
  • You don’t try to look for the parts of their “problem” you can “fix”
  • You don’t take anything personally
  • You make sure you understood what they say
  • You ask before you offer advice or feedback
  • You take a pause before responding to make sure your answer is nonjudgmental and doesn’t have an agenda
  • You speak articulately and with concision
  • You aren’t distracted when other people talk, giving them your full attention

Aurora Recovery Center is here to listen. If you are ready to talk about a problem you are having with drug addiction, alcoholism, or another mental health disorder, call us today at 844-515-STOP.