Aurora Recovery Centre

Do You Arrive On Time, In The Correct Location? 

In active addiction and alcoholism, time was irrelevant and unimportant. Mostly, we ran on our own schedules which revolved around our drinking and using. Even as high functioning addicts and alcoholics, we ran by our own schedule. Acting with consideration means taking the time to find out where exactly we need to be and how much time it is going to take to get there, ahead of time. When we show up at the right place, at the right time (or better yet, early!) we demonstrate an important metaphor for recovery: showing up.

considerate person

Do You Take Action On Your Emotional Experiences? 

Through recovery, we learn that feelings are not facts and vice versa. We also learn that change and progress take work. Additionally, work requires action. One whole chapter in The Big Book is called “Into Action”. Feeling guilt and remorse is moot unless action is taken to write a wrong or make an apology. Sympathy, empathy, and compassion are better left for journaling without taking action. Even if the action is saying a prayer, the feelings will be acted upon.

Do You Promptly Admit You Are Wrong And Apologize? 

Step ten of the twelve steps asks us to continue taking personal inventory of ourselves and “when we were wrong, promptly admit it.” It doesn’t tell us to make note and do better next time, though we certainly should. Now that we are free from the bondages of self which prevent us from connecting with other people, we are able to make good on our wrongs, promptly. This shows that we have consideration for how our actions, behaviors, and word choices affect other people. More importantly, it shows that we are able and willing to take action to right any wrong.

Do You Go Out Of Your Way For Others? 

When it is someone’s birthday, you buy a small gift or write a card. When you’re shopping for yourself and see something for someone else, you pick it up for them. You ask if people need something when you’re going out. You hold the door open and when you spot someone in need of help, you offer. Being considerate does not mean being a superhero. It simply means letting other people around you know they matter to you and that you take them into consideration.

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