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Addiction is a global epidemic claiming tens of thousands of lives each year. While the world of treatment and addiction recovery flourishes, scientists are tirelessly seeking to discover a cure. Until the introduction of Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930’s doctors, psychologists and scientists had little answer to the problem of alcohol consumption. A man or woman seemed to be taken over by the desperate need to consume alcohol despite evident consequences. It was labeled as a type of “insanity” and consequently, alcoholics were treated in insane asylums.

cure for addiction

When Bill Wilson, the founding father of AA, was visited by a dear friend who turned sober, he became enlightened to the idea of spirituality as a ‘cure’ for the disease of alcoholism. By developing an honest and spiritual manner of living, in addition to ceaseless connection with other alcoholics, Bill found a way to stay sober. Did he find a cure for alcoholism? Most of science would argue against such a claim. However, in the eighty years since AA’s development millions of people around the globe have found long term sobriety through the fellowship’s 12 step program. As a result, nearly 90% of existing treatment centers today run their programs based on 12 step philosophy. The spiritual experience works- but not for everyone.

Is There a Cure for Addiction?

“Recovery” is a broadened term used to describe the experience, philosophy, and lifestyle of living sober. While recovery is an effective solution to the problem of alcoholism and addiction, it is not a scientific and medical cure. Medically, there have been great advances in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Substitute therapy drugs or medication assisted therapy have proven great success. Prescription medications like suboxone, methadone and buprenorphine help patients through the withdrawal period with reduced symptoms. Cravings for drugs like heroin and alcohol are at their highest during withdrawal. Medication assisted detox helps patients get through the initial withdrawal.

Ongoing, these medications help patients stay off the harmful drugs. Controversially, substitution therapy drugs still contain trace amounts of opiate substances. Many see this as being contradictory to the idea of getting “clean”. Problematically, patients can and do become dependent upon these drugs. Theoretically, the publication Vice claims, a cure for addiction is possible. It is still, unfortunately, very far away. Until the magic pill or procedure appears, families, friends, and government officials must strive to help recovering addicts the best treatment possible.


Aurora Recovery Center offers a premier level of treatment to the Manitoba and surrounding areas of Canada. We offer multilevel treatment options from detox to sober living. Offering recovery to men and women seeking transformation in their lives, Aurora Recovery Center is the best place to start anew. For more information call us today 1844-515-STOP.