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Social anxiety is not a kind of anxiety disorder, but a very common part of anxiety disorders, including General Anxiety Disorder. There has never been a cure for anxiety, but there have been many treatments. Quickly, it was discovered that simply trying to get someone with anxiety to calm down is ineffective. Indeed, try to tell anyone having an anxiety attack to calm down and be met with calamity and resentment. Anxiety is not about being calm or not calm. Difficulty controlling anxious thoughts and feelings is what fuels anxiety. Most commonly, anxiety is treated with medication and therapy. Many who suffer from anxiety feel that while these treatments are helpful, they are not as effective as they could be. Medications only help with reducing some symptoms but do not make anxiety go away.

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Social Anxiety Research

New research suggests that medication for anxiety could be done away with in exchange for routine long term therapy; specifically, cognitive behavioral therapy. 85% of participants in a study “significantly improved or became completely healthy using only cognitive therapy.” Compared to strictly using medication or a combination of both medication and therapy, the long term cognitive behavioral therapy as a solitary treatment had the greatest healing effect.

The researchers sought to find what was most effective and how to make that form of treatment as effective as possible. After discovering the power of cognitive therapy, researchers started using “metacognitive therapy” with participants, which, they explain, means that they “work with patients’ thoughts and their reactions and beliefs about those thoughts.” The practitioners address how patients obsesses over certain social situations and help them to learn emotional regulation.

Symptoms And Sources of Social Anxiety

  • Having to perform in front of others
  • Feeling as though under attention from others
  • Creating or working in front of other
  • Social Situations
  • Social Interactions
  • Utilizing shared public spaces
  • Talking intimately in conversation both in person and on the phone
  • Avoiding social situations or interpersonal situations
  • Presentation of physical symptoms such as racing heart, blushing, tense muscles, shaking or jitters, sweating, and feel nauseous

Aurora Recovery Centre is a dual diagnosis treatment center offering care for both substance use issues and secondary mental health issues. We specialize in the treatment of Anxiety disorders, providing cognitive behavioral therapy as well as other evidence based treatments to provide effective care. For more information on our programs call 844-515-STOP today.


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