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Sex addiction and especially that of cyber sex addiction has made headlines as a United States elected official has undergone an ongoing scandal regarding reckless sexual antics. Most recently, leading to his admission to treatment, was the revelation of a digital sex addiction. Sex addiction can take many forms. Pornography, sexual activity, voyeursim, exhibitionsim, and digital sex can all be included in one’s sex addiction. Types of cyber and digital sex addiction can include:

  • “Sexting”: engaging in sexual photo sharing or conversation with strangers
  • Online Pornography
  • Webcam websites and paid for service sex viewing sites
  • Forums, chats, and threads used for sexual content and conversation
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How Is Cyber Sex Addiction Treated?

First and foremost, there needs to be a complete separation from cyber access. Typically, time spent in an inpatient rehab where there is no internet access is suggested. Similar to the way an alcoholic cannot manageably control their drinking, someone with a digital sex addiction cannot manageably control the way they use the internet. Having continued access to the web would be like trying to treat an alcoholic in a bar.

Therapeutic Measures

Second, the treatment must include various types of therapeutic methods. Sex addiction is usually a secondary issue which acts as a coping mechanism for deeper, more underlying issues. Cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness based stress reduction are ways to help recognize what goes on at a deeper level during sex cravings. An impulsive need for sex can indicate an impulsive need for attention, adoration, feeling desired, and validation.

Abstinence from all sexual activity is not a widely prescribed route. However, seeing the addiction as serious, many will abstain altogether. Sex addiction support groups like SAA- sex addicts anonymous and SLAA- sex and love addicts anonymous, encourage specific kinds of sexual engagement and rules for sexual engagement.

Do I Have a Cyber Sex Addiction?

Millions of people engage in sexual activity online, even some to a concerning extent. However, a true addiction will pose a considerable impairment on one’s life. Relationships, health, mental wellbeing, finances, and life responsibilities all fall short and fall apart. Engaging in cyber sex activities becomes a primary focus in life and must be done at all cost. Addiction of any kind is characterized by a continuous impulsive use despite negative consequence.

If you are concerned you or a loved one might be suffering from sex addiction of any kind, call Aurora Recovery Centre today. We offer inpatient treatment to men and women in need of mental health recovery from sex addiction. Our facility treats co-occurring disorders of sex addiction and substance abuse. For more information, call 844-515-STOP.


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