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Feeling down in your recovery and not sure what’s causing the blues? These ten things can cause you to feel discouraged from the work that you’re doing and distract you from your recovery. Remember, you are taking great strides in your life toward lifelong change. Keep up the good work!

Stinking Thinking

“Stinkin’ thinkin’” is a term used in treatment to describe that no-good, unhelpful kind of thinking we slip into from time to time. We may very well know our thoughts aren’t helpful yet we cannot stop thinking them.

discouraging things distract from recovery


Being in argument or at odds with someone is draining. Out of our need to control, we spend a lot of time, energy, and focus on a conflict. Either we don’t like conflict or we can’t find a way to resolve conflict peacefully.


Codependency hurts. Putting all of our reliance, identity, and power into another person is like giving away our blood and breath. What we need to survive for ourselves gets displaced somewhere it doesn’t need to be. Yet, despite our pain, we continue to give ourselves away to others.

Being A Know It All

Recovery brings us a lot of wisdom, insight, and breakthrough. As we witness our problems fading away, it is easy to start think we’ve got it all figured out.


We can’t keep our eyes on the prize if we aren’t thankful for the prize, that the prize is even there, or that we have a chance to chase it. Lacking in gratitude always leads to a slippery slope into negative thinking.


When we start jogging through the marathon of life with ease, we get uncomfortable at the sight of hurdles. Nobody said we had to jump every single one on time. There’s many ways to get through life’s challenges.

Financial Insecurity

In a world which is constantly telling us we have to work to feel worthy in our finances it is hard to trust that money will come. Recovery allows us to be grateful for and work with what we have, yet also inspire us to be able to work hard for what we want.


With all this opportunity at life, it can be hard to say “no”. However, “no” is sometimes a means for sanity. Exhaustion can take all the fun out of everything.


There are times we are sure there must be another way of looking at something. For our lives, we cannot figure out what that way is. Being stuck in a negative or contrary perspective feels like walking with shoes on the wrong feet.

Progression Plateau

Recovery can sometimes be full of explosive breakthroughs and periods of growth. When there are periods of plateau we can start to think we might be regressing, aren’t growing enough, or that something is wrong. We keep focusing on our recovery and prepare for what’s next.

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