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Recovery can feel…awkward. For most people in recovery, there was always a feeling of being out of place. Some felt in very drastic ways through social anxiety disorders. Others experienced it in more subtle ways, acting out to make themselves fit in. Drugs and alcohol ended up being the perfect crutch so many could feel like they were in with the in crowd, more comfortable with themselves, and never alone. Substances can become great allies, good friends, and an extra boost of confidence or courage.

embrace awkwardness

When getting sober and substances are taken away, awkwardness feels like it returns. Without drugs or alcohol, who are you? What if people find out who you really are? What will they say when they discover how awkward you are, how you don’t fit in, and that you hardly have an idea of who you are anyway? The great news about recovery is that you don’t have to be anyone but yourself. The even better news about recovery is that who you are, even while you are figuring that out, is good enough.

Awkwardness is Educational

We strive to embrace our differences as well as our similarities in recovery. We learn that no two people are alike in recovery, yet somehow, everyone seems to have the same story. As addicts and alcoholics, we understand that in a way we may never be like “normal people”. Additionally, we come to understand that we will have challenging moments in understanding normalcy. Awkwardness helps us recognize when we are on track with what is normal and when we are not. Being around people who are not in recovery will require a different way of acting.

Awkwardness is Freeing

Don’t take yourself too seriously- its a rule in recovery. Addiction and alcoholism are serious diseases which can quickly cause a loss of life. However, recovery is a time and lifestyle for enjoying the living one has left to do. Being freed and liberated from the dangerous constraints of drugs and alcohol, one has the right to laugh and not sweat the small stuff. If nothing else, embracing our awkwardness gives us plenty of opportunities to laugh. Remember, we’ve come a long way and there’s always more to go. Enjoy every minute of it, awkward or not.

Aurora Recovery Centre wants to help you discover your authentic self and develop that person into a strong member of the recovery community. Our program focuses on mind, body, and spirit to provide holistic healing. Providing dual diagnosis treatment for both men and women, Aurora Recovery offers all levels of care. For more information, call 844-515-STOP.


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