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You’ve set the best example and you’ve set the worst example. Now that you’re on the path to recovery, you have a lot to teach your family.

Emphasize The Importance Of Timing

It’s better late than never, that’s for sure. With addiction and alcoholism, never can come at any time. In fact, never can come at any age. Addiction and alcoholism cannot be controlled. This is a great fact that everyone in recovery has to surrender to. It isn’t just the disease that develops but the substances themselves. Drugs and alcohol are unpredictable. Addressing a desire to or already developed drug abuse problem in early stages is critical. It can save a lifetime of disease, harmful side effects, damage, and pain. Early intervention can save a life.

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Set Firm Rules And Boundaries

In many ways, you are going to feel as though you don’t reserve the right to say anything or set any kinds of rules when it comes to drinking and drug use. After all, you’ve broken just about every one. For your family’s sake it is important that they understand rule breaking is what got you into treatment. You broke rules for yourself as well as those set by others. Boundaries are important for helping keep your life full of positivity rather than negativity. Creating rules and boundaries as a family will help them understand it isn’t really about the rules but learning how to make better, informed choices. It’s about behavior.

Use Yourself As An Example, Without Shame

You’re in recovery now. You’re a recovering alcoholic. That means you came to a climax in your drinking problems or drug abuse problems and took action to change it. You’ll want to use the “bad” parts of your story to highlight the depths drug abuse and alcoholism can take you to. However, you recovery sends a strong message to your family as well. You have a lot of examples to set when it comes to honesty, courage, dedication, and faith. Don’t say things like “you don’t want to end up like me”. If you’re working a program of recovery, your family should admire you- regardless of how you got there.

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