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Heroin addiction is usually a last resort for many people. The cheap drug is highly dangerous and life-threatening. Most people don’t begin their drug abuse with one of the hardest drugs available.

Opioid addiction can happen to anyone who abuses opioids of any kind, from prescription painkillers to synthetics.

There are some predispositions which makes people more likely than others to develop an addiction, like family history of addiction. Genetic predisposition is often a great determining factor.

Many people come from addicted families and do not turn into addicts or alcoholics. They are able to maintain their drinking and drug use, or they abstain from addictive substances entirely.

opioid addiction facts

Opioid addiction develops because of the way that opioids creates a tolerance. Tolerance is when the brain needs more opioids in order to achieve the same effects it was getting previously.

Opioid abuse is attractive because it produces sensations of euphoria, analgesia, and warmness. Euphoria is feelings of happiness and joy, analgesia is the numbing out of any physical pain, and the warmness is caused by changes in blood flow.

Overtime, the analgesic effects wear off. One of the reasons opioid addiction begins to develop is because the opioids, like prescription painkillers, stop getting rid of the pain. In another way, the pain comes back more strongly in between doses, making it feel like the pain is worse than it was before. In addition to a tolerance, there is a sensitivity to pain that develops. This is because the brain’s natural opioid receptors which help relieve pain are being damaged and cannot produce enough pain relief on their own.

There is no gender, race, or age that is more susceptible to opioids than another. Overdose on opioids is a threat to everyone.

Opioid overdose is caused by a stopping of the heart. One of the ways the brain helps create pain relief is by sending signals to the heart to slow down. If someone intoxicated on opioids is in and out of consciousness, they might not be able to notice their heart slowing down. Shallow respiration is common, causing someone’s breath to be practically nonexistent. As the result, their breathing simply stops, shutting off oxygen to the brain and causing the body to die.


Recovery from opioid addiction is possible before it is too late. Aurora Recovery Centre understands the threat of opioids taking over Canada. We provide residential detox and treatment programs at every level to help meet your needs. For more information, call 844-515-STOP.