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Fentanyl Addiction and Treatment

Fentanyl Addiction treatments we provide in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba

Fentanyl addiction is becoming more and more prevalent across Canada. There is a good deal of press regarding fentanyl use due to the number of overdoses.

Fentanyl addiction is becoming more and more prevalent across Canada. There is a good deal of press regarding use of the drug due to the number of overdoses. Overdoses are frequent because of the potency of the drug itself which is a synthetic opiate more powerful than morphine. This is made even more dangerous and powerful by what it is mixed with when it comes from street labs. “Would be chemists” mix it with cocaine or heroin, leaving the user with maximized effects from the combination of all three highly addictive drugs. Because users develop a tolerance, the addiction process demands more frequent and higher dosages to get the same effect.

The addicted user seeks the euphoria and relaxation produced by the drug, which is even more pronounced if mixed with cocaine or heroin. It’s addictive properties, and its powerful high is sought after. The drug drives up the dopamine levels in the brain’s reward areas. This is very attractive to the addict, causing the desire for the drug to outweigh the fear of overdose.

At Aurora Recovery Centre, we are attentive to the recovery needs of every individual using any addictive drug. The fentanyl addict is certainly no exception to this. Each person is unique with their addiction progressing at different rates depending upon their usage, physical, emotional and psychological condition. Withdrawal from the drug is extremely uncomfortable and usually lasts 3-5 days, although this can be variable. This is why many addicts are deterred from seeking help.

When withdrawal is extremely uncomfortable, users experience an overwhelming desire to stop the discomfort. The best way they know to do this is to use more of the drug. The addiction continues. There is help for this addiction, and it is successful. Aurora’s medically managed detoxification process involves the whole person. Each drug has its own withdrawal symptoms and withdrawal medication needs. Appropriate medications are provided to alleviate the withdrawal discomfort so the need to use more of the fentanyl is relieved sufficiently for the physical withdrawal to be tolerated. Even after the physical withdrawal is managed according to the individual’s needs, there is still the emotional and psychological distress from being without the advantages the drug provided. Specific individualized attention to the person’s emotional and psychological needs is critical as well. This is why the user remains in our Withdrawal Management Unit as these are addressed. During this time, exercise is very helpful along with counselling sessions that meet you where you are at following your physical withdrawal.

Once your physical need for the drug is addressed, the next step is to make sure that your emotional and psychological pain is addressed and needs are met. Fortunately, Aurora’s expert counsellors provide both cognitive therapy and behavioural modification. These are the best therapies for this addiction. You will learn new ways to handle old problems, and new behaviours that work for you instead of turning to fentanyl which has been working against you up to now.
Exercise and other physical activities are crucial to your recovery. Aurora has beautiful walking trails, mountain bikes, an exercise room with equipment for you to use, and one of the largest pools in Manitoba. We have sports equipment and other options available as well. You will have a personal medically approved physical activity program designed especially for your current physical condition.

Treatment would be incomplete without skill building techniques to help you to avoid the need to return to the use of the drug. If you have and use these tools, permanent recovery is possible, and likely.
Another important element of treatment is learning relaxation techniques. Once you are no longer depending on the drug to help you through, you will need to learn other ways to manage your drug free life and enjoy it to its fullest. Spiritual and meditative treatments have proved to be quite helpful, amongst other techniques. One of the most successful things drug users can do is attend a twelve step program.

Twelve step programs have the greatest success for the greatest number of addicts. You will benefit from this experience while in treatment with us, and you will learn how to be able to enjoy your life, deal with your problems and achieve your dreams through the practice of these steps instead of drug use.

A medically managed withdrawal process followed by a residential treatment program, and ongoing outpatient care are the best practices for treatment. Aurora provides all of this to you as you recover in our beautiful centre located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Our landscape and magnificent views of the lake and wildlife provide a relaxed, serene and spacious environment as you receive your daily treatment services. Your nutritional addictions recovery meals, your treatment program, your treatment experts at Aurora all combine with your courage to provide your best opportunity for permanent recovery. You have taken your very first step to recovery just by reading this. 


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