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Recovery continues for a lifetime. After detox, residential inpatient, maybe another leave of treatment, and sober living, there is one thing left to do: live life. Life continues to happen, regardless of where we are in our recovery. We often go through the step down period in order to adjust to living sober. Learning to make it through each day without picking up a drug or a drink is nothing short of a miracle in early recovery. However, recovery is a progressive. Similarly stated, people often say that alcoholism is also progressive. Curiously, many don’t seem to understand that, like their alcoholism or addiction, recovery will not happen in a day. Recovery happens over time with gradual ebbs and flow of serenity, spirituality, and life circumstances.

finding 12 step meetings

It is not everyone who gets sober who actually manages to successfully avoid any and every trigger which faces them in the world. In fact, almost nobody does so. As The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous states, “progress not perfection”. Nobody “works a perfect program”.

The book also states that recovering alcoholics get to participate in a host of activities which they otherwise shouldn’t do. One thing that being in recovery can inspire is the gift of travel. Traveling away from home or your new home where you got sober can be intimidating. You are used to going to your certain meetings certain days of the week and seeing certain people there. You’ve grown a group of close friends through your fellowshipping and it can be scary to leave them, even temporarily. Thankfully, twelve step meetings and support are available worldwide. Finding a meeting or other recovery when traveling is not as hard as it might sound:Ask a Friend: maybe a new friend in recovery has traveled to where you’re going. Ask them for meeting recommendations or for any sober connections they have in the area.

Look up your “destination + AA meetings” on Google: all you have to do is enter that formula into Google and it will provide you likely with a few things. First, it will push you toward the specific intergroup or series of meetings for your area. Second, it will take you to the central phone line or office.

Call the local AA Central phone lines. AA Central is available in most areas and serve