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Summertime can be full of triggers. Drinking holidays are less about national occasions as they are days that end in ‘y’. Chances are you have a lot of great, as well as a lot of painful, drinking and using memories from the summer. You’re adjusting to your new life in recovery, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, while everyone else is partying, seemingly carefree. Check in with your treatment provider, therapist, family, support system, and even your sober living manager.

have fun during summer sober

Whatever it is you do to keep your program of recovery operating, consider picking it up for the summer. Attend more of your favorite meetings and volunteer to hang out with people afterward. Here are seven tips for having the best sober summer ever.

Pick up a new hobby or skill (summer goals)

The few months of summer are a great time to set goals that can be achieved in a short amount of time. Designate this summer as the summer you do (insert goal here). Learn guitar, learn to surf, ride your bike everyday, or develop a running routine. Creating an end of summer goal will keep you inspired to be active every day with meaning.

Get outside

Vitamin D is in full during the summer months. Vow to do at least one outside activity a day if not more. Feeling down during the summer will only be worsened by staying inside all day while missing out on the sunshine. Depression is proven to be alleviated by regular exercise and exposure to the sun.

Get fit

Combining both short term goals and vitamin d, getting fit in the summertime is an excellent activity. Regular exercise boosts your mood and inspires you to be more healthy. Choose a sport or a new physical activity to explore this summer. Work with your nutritionist and dietician to make healthy, health-oriented goals.


Parks, beaches, museums, and other community organizations are in desperate need of help during high tourism seasons like summer. Volunteer some of your extra time to being of service. Often through these jobs you learn a whole new world of information, meet new people, and make new friends.

Make a summer reading list

Summer is a great time to devote to reading. Set a goal to read a certain amount of books this summer, and get the pages turning! Explore a new area of literature you’ve never tried before or revisit some of your favorite books. If there is a series of books you’ve been interested, see if you can finish them before summer is through. You’ll be inspired, and your brain will grow as a result.

Create a summer bucket list

Lake Winnipeg is full of adventure. Water is a lifestyle here and there are plenty of new things to try. Our communities offer a wealth of history, culture and fun. Getting to know your local area is a great way to enjoy the summer. Create a bucket list of Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba must-do’s. Sail the lake, try some fishing, or go on a road trip.


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