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There’s a thousand reasons not to get sober. We have a thing, with a person, in a place, and we just don’t have the time. Besides, it isn’t that bad, we’ll get it under control, and if it gets out of control again, then that time we really will quit for good and get help. To the irrational mind of the active addict or alcoholic all these justifications make sense. To the sober and rational mind, all these justifications are something quite different- they’re excuses.

get sober now

Time is a borrowed currency. Each day there are a million and one things which could happen that will be completely out of our control. Tomorrow is never a guarantee and the chances become more slim when active addiction to harmful substances is involved. While that may seem like a grim outlook, it is the unfortunate reality of addiction. One more hit, one more dose, one more pill, one more injection, one more drink could always be the last hit, the last dose, the last pill, the last injection, or the last drink. Of course, being of an impulsive mind, an active addict or alcoholic might be quick to quip that “it” hasn’t killed them yet, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. With addiction, what doesn’t kill you makes you more dependent, making sobriety a lesser and lesser probability.

Sobriety is not an impossible feat to accomplish, no matter how many years or what kind of substances were involved in addiction. Addicts and alcoholics love instant gratification and the truth is there is nothing instantly gratifying about recovery. Without a healthy and plentiful sense of gratitude not to be caught in the deep entanglement of addiction, early sobriety can feel like a prolonged period of withdrawals.

Above every storm, despite the darkened ominous clouds, the sun still shines in crystal clear skies. Unable to see the light, unable to see what is there, transcended beyond the storm, we are quick to be consumed by the impending doom of only what it is that we can see. So it is with recovery. Attend any twelve step meeting or act as a fly upon the wall of every treatment center and you’ll witness both perspectives: those who see the storm and those who see the sun. Inconceivable possibilities wait for you at the other end of addiction. If you think you might have a problem and you think seeking treatment for that problem might help you are already on your way to bearing witness to the miraculous.

Your life is a miracle worth living. Start living it today. Call Aurora Recovery Center for information on our detox, treatment programs, and after care programs for men and women seeking transformational recovery from addiction. 1-844-515-STOP.