Benefits of control: not being controlled, not capable of being controlled, not going to be controlled

Control is necessary to survival. If we can control our environments or our predators we might be able to control whether we live or die for one more day. Control makes us feel happier and like we have a better sense of the world. Unfortunately, control can also be an illusion. Control makes us feel like we are not being controlled, not capable of being controlled, and that we will not be controlled since we are doing all of the controlling.

okay to give up control

Control was something that many addicts and alcoholics felt they needed in their lives. Though their addictions eventually became out of control, the effects produced by their substances of choice offered temporary feelings of control. When we feel out of control we seek to control whatever we can, even if it comes out in adverse behaviors.

Multiple studies show that giving up control actually leads to more happiness. Surrendering control of people, places, and things, leads to less stress and more energy. Trying to maintain control over everything and everyone is exhausting. Letting go of that control is a relief, mentally physically and spiritually. Controlling people leads to disappointment, controlling places leads to failure and controlling things leads to ultimately feeling more powerless.

Many mistakenly perceive surrender or giving up control as a sign of weakness. Indeed for many, holding onto control for so many years was one of the only things that made them feel strong. It takes a remarkable amount of courage to surrender control.

Surrendering control essentially means learning to embrace uncertainty. Each day we are met with millions of probabilities, all of which are uncertain. It’s hard for us to predict what is going to happen in a day, week, month, year, or lifetime. Surrendering control is a way to stop and smell the roses rather than try to avoid the thorns. Thorns happen, but they don’t make the rose any less beautiful or smell any less sweet.

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