Happiness is something governments have listed as a given right to pursue. All people should be able to experience happiness because it is theirs to have. Assuming happiness is available and tangible to everyone, is incorrect. Some people are incapable of experiencing happiness authentically.

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Happiness Can Be Bought

“The best things in life are free,” it is often said. When people discuss their most prized possessions or experiences they often cop it up against “all the money in the world.” For example, a special occasion: “I wouldn’t have missed it for all the money in the world.” Yet, pervasively, there is a conception that money can buy happiness. Those with more money are more happy. The truth is, happiness is subjective. Money can relieve stress, but it doesn’t cause happiness.

Happiness Is Polar

Happiness is not a duality. It is logical to assume there is either unhappiness or happiness. However, happiness doesn’t have to occur in polar opposites. Instead, happiness is experienced on a spectrum of other emotions, filling in a beautiful wealth of detail all exclusive to the human experience.

Happiness Is A Cure

Depression is a mental illness with common symptoms of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, and melancholy. Seeing happiness as a polarity causes many to think that it would act as a cure to depression and other mental illnesses. Unfortunately, even happiness is not that powerful. Though depression is considered a detriment to many other medical conditions, happiness is not a remedy. Instead, it is often stress reduction which has the greatest effect.

Happiness Can Be Achieved

Happiness cannot be achieved, yet, it also can. Like an elusive unicorn or other mythological creature, happiness is easy to have but difficult to obtain. Enigmatic, many people madden themselves trying to figure it out. Happiness is more of a natural occurrence than it is anything else. People spend a lifetime trying so hard to find happiness that they ignore the happiness already existing in their lives. Happiness doesn’t look any particular way. It’s different for each individual person. Trying to “catch” the idealized idea of happiness is a moot effort. Happiness has to be discovered, not accomplished.

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