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Canada is feeling the effects of the synthetic and opioid epidemic spreading across the world. As more people seek treatment for recovery from opioid medications, many family members and loved ones are asking what they can do to help.

help with opioid epidemic
  • Learn More And Teach Others. One of the biggest complications in fighting the opioid epidemic is a lack of knowledge. People are simply uninformed about addiction, mental health, and opiates. Part of the blame is for the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors. Until recent pressure from the government, doctors have not been required to inform patients about the potential for abuse or addiction regarding opiate prescription medications. In an effort to collect more profit, pharmaceutical companies encouraged doctors to simply prescribe higher dosages of opioid medications whenever a problem like tolerance or dependency arose. Taking the initiative to learn more has to be a personal effort. By taking the time yourself, you set an example to others. Spread the wealth of your knowledge to friends, families, and colleagues who may be having problems with opioid prescriptions, mental illness, or other addiction in their lives.
  • Advocate On Behalf Of Those Who Can’t Advocate For Themselves. The population of those struggling with mental health issues is still largely unheard. Though many laws exist protecting the rights of those with mental illness, there is still a mass amount of shame and stigma for them to cope with. Shame and stigma create defining stereotypes which precede the individual humanity of each person living with a mental health disorder. Especially if there is someone living with a mental health issue or one like addiction in your life, speak up for them when the opportunity arises. Advocating on behalf of those who are either unheard or are incapable of advocating for themselves is essential for continuing to work against the spreading opioid epidemic. For every one person who speaks up another twenty might decide to. Those numbers are always worth the risk.
  • Practice Sobriety In Your Home. It is hard to teach family members not to “monkey see monkey do”. If you are a daily drinker and criticize your family members for their recreational practices with drugs or alcohol it is hard to transcend a certain level of hypocrisy. Try to eliminate the use of narcotic medications in the household. When a prescription is through, discard of the medications. Limit drinking and focus on emotional development for the whole family.


Aurora Recovery Centre is dedicated to helping Canada fight the global opioid epidemic. We see the pain of families all throughout the Manitoba area. our programs are family oriented, providing family therapy sessions and workshops. When it comes to addiction, everyone deserves a chance to heal. For more information, call 844-515-STOP.


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