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Dr. Phil Kronk writes that for whatever reason you decide to pursue a form of therapeutic treatment in your life, you should leave that treatment with hope. “Hope”, the doctor writes, “as a human emotion, is lived in and helps with the present time, but hope is focused on the future.” For some, he explains, hope “helps focus on future achievements and goals.” He explains that hope is not a passive idea in our lives, instead he asserts that “hope is active.”

hope recovery from addiction

By definition, hope means “a feeling of trust”. Often, we’re told two opposing things regarding hope. First, we are told not to get our hopes up about things that other people do not think will come to fruition. Second, we are told to have hope, especially about thing we don’t think will come to fruition.

What Hope Means

What does hope mean for the addict or alcoholic in recovery? What about those who struggle with mental health disorders like depression and anxiety? Hope is not an exclusive tool only available to the few and privileged. Rather, hope is available to all who seek it and allow themselves to experience it. For those who are in recovery, hope is an essential for conceptualizing what cannot be conceived: lifelong recovery.

Getting through a minute or even an hour of early recovery can feel like a lifetime of work accomplished. Entire days can go crawling by just trying to survive intense cravings both physical and psychological. Many people have tried getting sober before, yet were unsuccessful in maintaining their abstinence. Hope is what inspires us to try it again. Hope is what gets us through each doubtful moment. Though nothing is sure about the future and we feel overwhelmed trying to imagine anything more than five minutes from now, hope helps us to have that feeling of trust that we will make it. Life can only be handled as it comes. Recovery and treatment equip us with the tools we need to cope with life as it comes to us. Hope is what gets us through both the good times and the bad. When days are dark and dismal, hope is the light.

Aurora Recovery Centre wants to help you find the hope you need for your life and your recovery. If you are feeling hopeless in your struggle against addiction or any co-occurring mental health disorder, call us today for information on our residential treatment programs. 844-515-STOP.


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