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Active addiction and alcoholism can do a lot of damage to the brain. Drugs, alcohol, and other mind-altering substances rewire the way essential brain functions function, damage the brain’s ability to produce essential chemicals on its own, and impair specific regions of the brain. Certain substance types and methods of use are more severe than others. Inhalants, for example, go straight to the brain and cause immediate destruction.

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Other drugs like synthetic methamphetamines are powerful enough start hurting the brain in a short amount of time. “Wet brain” is a condition that can result from extended alcoholism which leaves someone mentally incapacitated, like not being able to speak. Brain damage can include developmental problems, processing problems, cognitive functioning issues, and memory.

Memory is affected by substance abuse when the substance use starts leading to memory shortages. Many recovering alcoholics will confess that they drank to blackout. Reaching the point of losing periods of time in their lives was their goal. The more days they couldn’t remember, they feel, the easier pain was to forget. Both drugs and alcohol can result in the loss of memory for days on end. Blacking out or temporary memory loss is not only a timely problem, but can lead to permanent problems. Overtime, the brain weakens and memory is impaired.

Three kinds of memory live in the brain: short term, long term, and working memory. We need a balance of all three kinds of memory in order to be the most productive we can be in life. The best way to start improving your memory is to get sober. Stopping the abusive use of mind altering substances will halt the damage as it stands and start helping the brain to make reparations. As recovery goes on and the brain improves, here are some ways to support improving your memory:

Eat a healthy breakfast full of amino and omega fatty acids necessary for healthy brain function. Try eggs with avocado on whole grain toast.

Learn new things by playing cognitive memory games, practicing a new language, or spending time on creative activities like colouring.

Drinking water keeps the brain hydrated. When we go long periods of time without hydration then guzzle down a ton of water, it is actually more harmful for the brain than good. Drink water consistently throughout the day to help your brain stay focused.

Aurora Recovery Centre is dedicated to the clinical, holistic, and spiritual development of your recovery. By treating mind, body, and spirit, Aurora provides each member with a whole-person approach to healing. Start the path to your new life today by calling Aurora at 1-844-515-STOP.


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