Most treatment centers serve decaf coffee and don’t allow the consumption of caffeinated energy drinks. During the early stages of treatment, the body is still experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. Look to these suggestions to keep your energy up so you can keep working hard through treatment.

keep energy up without caffeine
  • Move Around More. Get your heart beating and the blood flowing by moving. Taking a walk, as exhausting as it sounds, will help you get your energy up. Walking and exercising helps you to sleep better which will ensure more energy throughout the day. During the day, a walk will be that little energy boost you need to keep you going. Change of scene, change of atmosphere, and change of focus.
  • Take More Naps. Nothing says reboot like a good nap. Research has shown that 20 minutes of deep sleep can be the same as sleeping for hours. A 90 minute nap in the middle of the day can boost creativity, productivity, and focus. Just make sure to nap before 4pm. Late afternoon and evening naps can interrupt normal sleep cycles, causing you to feel less energetic the next day.
  • Get More Sunshine. Vitamin D is good for your mind and your body. Getting outside helps you to breathe fresh air, and inspires you to move around. After sitting indoors during group after group in treatment, opt outside of fifteen minutes. Getting in the sunshine helps reboot your body’s natural energy and will feel refreshing.
  • Stay Away From Your Phone More. More than likely, you won’t have access to your phone in treatment. However, some treatment centers allow residents to maintain use of their phones, tablets, or other smart devices. If you’re in between groups, texting, email checking, and mindlessly scrolling through your newsfeeds, you’re hurting your energy. The blue light behind digital screens is draining but creates a hyperfocus in the mind. Do yourself a favor and stay off the phone as much as possible. Chances are, you aren’t missing much.
  • Drink More Water. Hydration is essential for energy. Getting dehydrated can make you feel slow, lethargic, and even moody. Each day, you should be drinking close to half your body weight in fluid ounces.
  • Dance More Often. Like walking and exercising, dancing is a great way to get your heart pumping. Only, dancing tends to be a bit more fun. Dancing will help you let loose, have a laugh, and enjoy yourself. You’ll feel full of energy afterwards.
  • Pay It Forward More. Giving feels good. When we give to others, either in gift, consideration, or accountability, we give ourselves an energy boost. Pay it forward a few times a day to maintain that fresh giving buzz.


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