Life skills might seem obvious, but for many recovering addicts and alcoholics it is a foreign subject. Today, treatment programs like the ones offered at Aurora Recovery Centre provide life skills building, classes, and more. Recovery is about more than simply stopping a harmful relationship with drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol completely take over someone’s life when they become addicted. Nothing comes first besides fulfilling the driving need to consume more substances. As a result, one essentially forgets how to live without drugs and alcohol.

life skills explained

Life Skills Development

Often, it is the little things which seem to surprise people in recovery the most when it comes to life skills. For example, going grocery shopping for the first time can seem overwhelming. Paying a bill or balancing money, as well. Some addicts and alcoholics are what is called “high functioning”, they keep up with the responsibilities of life while continuing to abuse substances. However, after detox and a couple of months of treatment, transitioning into that ‘high functioning” lifestyle without the drugs and alcohol still proves to be challenging.

Life Skills Builds Self-Esteem

Developing life skills is not just about learning how to do new things or re-learning how to do old things for life. Life skills development is necessary for feeling integrated and capable in life, encouraging a better sense of self-esteem and confidence. Shame and stigma are invasive and infectious emotions which are practically guaranteed with addiction. On a particularly difficult day, it is easy to get caught up in a shame spiral for having trouble cooking a meal or applying for a job. Competency is deeply entwined with self-worth. Having an experiential understanding of life skills means someone will be able to move through the required actions of life with emotional ease. Almost every part of programming for recovery treatment is in the effort of relapse prevention. When addiction impacts every area of your life, every area of your life becomes a place of vulnerability to inspire relapse. It is of critical importance to develop these areas in order to fully live a sober lifestyle.


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