Aurora Recovery Centre

The ideal picture of recovery paints this pretty picture: we wake up in the morning, stretching our limbs with a smile on our face. We are grateful to be alive and sober one more day. Our past is behind us, the future is in front of us, and we will entirely in the present moment starting now. However, recovery is anything but perfect. In fact, recovery is about learning to embrace the mess and make peace with the beauty of imperfections. 

manage feeling overwhelmed

With mental health disorders like substance use disorders and other co-occurring issues, the reality is this: some days waking up feels like an immediate challenge. We aren’t always excited and prepared to take on a whole new day. 24 hours can feel like an eternity. We can’t stretch our limbs with joy because we’re too paralyzed with fear to move. Overwhelmed upon waking, we doubt our ability to get out of bed, let alone live through an entire day.

We know we’re going to make it. We’ve made it through worse so far. Rationally, intellectually, we know that the day hasn’t even started yet and the probability of impending doom arriving today is low. Learning to rely on the tools we have been given in recovery, we take a minute to let the negative feelings pass and look for positive solutions.

Create A Morning Ritual

Even if you don’t feel like you want or can participate in a morning ritual, knowing that one you enjoy and created yourself will be encouraging. Try:
Journaling gratitudes for ten minutes
Writing about your dreams
Setting intentions for the day
Practicing positive affirmations
Making a special cup of tea and taking quiet time
Listening to a favorite song and dancing around the room
Making the bed

Schedule Time For You

After your morning ritual, take a look at what is on the calendar for the day. Mindfully set the intention to review your schedule for what is possible instead of what is impossible. Did you make too much time for other people and not enough time for yourself? Pencil in a few periods of time to sit, meditate, or participate in self-care. You’ll find peace in knowing that there will be breaks in your day just for you.

Get Moving

If dancing in the morning isn’t your thing, you might want to try. Pumping up your heartbeat when you wake up is a great way to energize, laugh, and connect to your body. When we wake up overwhelmed, we are existing entirely in our mind and ego. By stretching, doing a quick yoga sequence, or dancing around we can reconnect to our bodies and move out of our minds. Body mindfulness helps us to feel calm and focused so we can tackle our days.

Aurora Recovery Centres light the pathway to lifelong recovery by teaching members how to live again. Recovery is possible. Pick up the phone and call Aurora today if you are ready to take steps toward receiving treatment and changing the way for a better life. 1-844-515-STOP.