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Marijuana is considered to be a less harmful substance for recreational use. A naturally occurring plant with many medicinal properties, marijuana has a different kind of reputation. On the one hand, marijuana is called a “gateway drug” opening up the mind’s willingness to try other substances. Yet, the euphoria inducing properties of marijuana is making it a consideration for addiction treatment. Officially using marijuana for addiction treatment is similar to a personally adopted program by many called “marijuana Maintenance”

marijuana maintenance explained

Marijuana Maintenance an Alternative Therapy

Recovery can be hard. For some people, the attachment to relying upon substances is too tight to let go of entirely. Giving up alcohol or one other substance is enough. To go each and every day, in and out, without a single mind altering substance is too great of a responsibility. Marijuana maintenance is considered an alternative form of recovery. Though, ask any conservative 12-step supporter and they will tell you that marijuana maintenance is not the same as sobriety. According to The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, abstinence is absolutely necessary. Despite how natural and medicinal marijuana may be, it is still a psychoactive mind altering substance.

Many doctors are encouraging the use of marijuana as a substitute to fatal drugs like opioids. To date, there is no reported overdose on marijuana. However, marijuana use disorder has been recently added to the widely regarded Diagnostic and Statistical Manual due to its ability to create tolerance and dependency. If the use of marijuana can prevent someone from dying of overdose on opioids, the drug shouldn’t be shunned.

Euphoria Challenges

Problematically, often, the euphoria or relaxation created by psychoactive substances can prevent progress in therapy. Addiction and drug abuse is often a symptom of one or more underlying causes. These underlying issues are not necessarily co-occurring mental health disorders like depression or anxiety. On the contrary, they are life experiences, traumas, and quirks of the individual personality which led to impulsivity, reckless behavior, thrill seeking, or compensatory coping mechanisms.

According to Medical Daily, recent research on marijuana’s effectiveness as a treatment for depression or anxiety, which is commonly co-occurring with substance use disorders, is coming up short. “…marijuana may treat depression and anxiety in the beginning, but at some point begins to stop work and perhaps even worsen the condition symptoms.” Researchers assert that, “much more research will be necessary in order to completely understand the effect of marijuana on mental health conditions.”

Aurora Recovery Centre emphasizes the necessity of full abstinence. We do provide medically assisted detox and treatment along with transitional treatment for coming off the medications. For more information on our dual diagnosis treatment center and residential treatment programs, call 844-515-STOP today.


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