Better, Deeper Sleep

Meditation calms the mind and increase both oxygen as well as blood flow to the body. This combination helps the mind and body get better rest. How? Meditation reduces the noise level in the mind. By quieting obsessive or cyclical thoughts of worry or stress, it sends less stress to the rest of the body. When the mind stresses, the body stresses. Meditation reduces stress in both areas, helping the mind and body learn to regulate stress better, resulting in better and more soundful sleep.

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Reduced Pain

Pain is worsened by obsession. If all focus and attention is being paid to aches, pains, and injuries, the pain is highly noticeable. Practicing meditation asks attention to be paid elsewhere, for example, the breath. Learning to take the mind off of pain actually reduces the pain itself. Since meditation creates a sense of calm and deeper breathing, it helps relax areas of physical pain.

Improved Focus

Research has found the meditation improves focus. Meditation asks the mind to be quiet, centered, and focused on the breath or singular sensations. Regular meditation practice helps the mind learn how to focus more on one activity at a time. Additionally, bringing deep breathing practices into any activity improves focus.

Less Anxiety and Reduced Symptoms Of Depression

Meditation can help regulate the production of stressful and emotional shifting hormones in the body, as well as neurotransmitters. Serotonin, dopamine, cortisol, and adrenaline all contribute to the way the brain thinks, feels, and reacts. Practicing meditation creates a buffer between the brain’s immediate reactions and the production of these biochemical processes.

Emotional Regulation

When meditation asks for mindful awareness of thoughts and feelings, it inherently slows down the process of automated reactions. Rather than letting thoughts and emotions run wild, meditation pauses them in their place and takes a look at them. Rather than judge them or analyze them, creating more trouble, meditation simply lets them pass. Eventually, the mind recognizes that thoughts and feelings are passing. The brain learns that emotions will come and go helping in mindful regulation.

Better Immune System Functioning

Meditation helps the body regain a level of homeostasis. Stress is, among many other things, deadly. Stress creates a variety of problems bothy psychologically and physiologically. Meditation combats stress in a gentle way, reversing these issues. Consequently, meditation improves the immune system and other processes in the body.


Aurora Recovery Centre believes in the healing power of meditation and a well rounded spiritual practice. Spirituality is part of our program here, teaching our members the spiritual tools they need for whole holistic healing. We see the results and believe in the practice. For more information on our programs of treatment for men and women, call 844-515-STOP today.


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