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Often, people with dual-diagnosis of anxiety or depression and substance abuse report that using substances was a way of escaping the symptoms of their other disorders. In order to feel through the numbness of depression, they used drugs that brought their sense to life. Contrastly, to calm down from the chaos of anxiety, they used drugs that slowed them down and helped them relax. Unable to cope with their mental illnesses on their own, they turned to substance abuse as a buffer, a wall, and a form of escape.

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Depression and anxiety also accompany the early recovery process from drugs like stimulants. Drugs which produce high levels of dopamine in the brain within a very short time frame have the worst mental health side effects during withdrawal. For many, the first few weeks of recovery are challenging. Dealing with depression and anxiety, both uncomfortable situations, while coping with addiction recovery is challenging. Paralyzed by mental health and the obsession of using, many are vacuumed out into relapse before they can realize what is happening.

Mindfulness helps with all of these difficult situations. Practicing mindfulness as a lifestyle and through meditation makes patients feel better. Mindfulness based stress reduction is a therapeutic technique of its own, helping relieve anxiety and stress.

Reports reveal that for those with depression who used stimulants to lift them up, after twelve weeks  of mindfulness practice, the urge to use was greatly reduced.


Aurora Recovery Center understands the power of spirituality in recovery. We offer spiritual care and mentoring as part of our treatment programs for addiction, alcoholism, and dual-diagnosis. If you or a loved one are addicted to stimulant drugs and are in need of help, call Aurora today 1844-515-STOP.


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