Your partner isn’t able to be happy for your successes

Anytime you mark an accomplishment, big or small, your partner is the last person to applaud you. Instead, they might do something hurtful to bring you down. Narcissists will find a way to undermine the joy of another person’s success, even someone they love.

narcissistic relationship signs

WhyNarcissists are terrified of being seen as less than in comparison to others. Your success is intimidating to them on the deepest level. Rather than support your achievements, they sabotage the moment for the sake of their insecurities.

Your partner doesn’t exhibit empathy toward others

Waiters, service people, or even your own family members can not find retreat fast enough when your partner sets his or her target. You find it impossible to reason with them once they have decided someone is deserving of their unending wrath. It seems that they overreact to just about everything and rarely take another person’s emotions into consideration.

Why: Narcissists are completely distracted by their own interests, out of a deeply imbalanced need for self-preservation. They might be aware of their harmful behaviors and experience both an immediate sense of shame as well as an inability to control their actions. Sadly, they will likely never admit to their shortcomings, as it would indicate their imperfection.

Your partner needs to be admired and adored

Most things revolve around how they affect your partner. Constantly, your partner is asking how something makes them look. In fights about your behaviors, actions, and emotions, your partner might tell you that you’re making them look bad by being a certain way. On the other hand, your partner is in constant need of admiration and adoration by asking for your praise and confirmation.

WhyNarcissists are fragile in their identity to the point where they fear it might change from one moment to the next. They need consistency in how they are perceived by others.

Your partner is always right

Whether or not your partner is actually right in an argument, conversation, or situation, they always seem to be right. Just try asking them. Quite adamantly, they will argue you, twist your logic, and exhaust you until you conceded that they are right. Narcissists tend to do this to everyone. Rather than engage in conversation for conversation’s sake, they interact with others just to make sure they are proven wrong.

WhyNarcissist’s are deeply afraid of having their flaws and inefficiencies discovered. By proactively proving themselves as right, there is no need for anyone to doubt them.

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