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There are different levels of tired. Tired, exhausted, fatigued. Each are an indication of an imbalance. An imbalance of what, exactly? Sleep is only one factor which contributes to feelings of exhaustion and fatigue. There are components stemming from our mental state and our physical health which both contribute to the kind of sleep we are getting as well as our energy in our waking hours.

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What Causes Exhaustion?

Exhaustion can be caused by diet, thyroid issues, adrenal failure, emotional stress, and life stress.


Sugar is a drug in it’s own right. A pure, white, powder causing addiction, cravings, symptoms of detox and symptoms of withdrawal, sugar is a powerful substance. Sugar spikes one’s blood sugar and energy levels but results in an exhausted crash. People mistakenly reach for sugar when they’re tired, not realizing they’re perpetuating the cycle of their fatigue. Sugar in the morning, during exhausted moments in the day, or having too much sugar in one’s diet can cause exhaustion. Those recovering from addiction and alcoholism tend to crave sugar. For recovering addicts, sugar helps give a boost of energy or a buzz they need. For recovering alcoholics, sugar help curb alcohol cravings, since alcohol is mostly sugar.

Staying Stationary

Recovery from drugs and alcohol is exhausting in the early months. For years, the body has been used and abused beyond it’s capacity. With the drugs and alcohol finally out of the system it has a chance to catch up, which usually includes a lot of sleep. However, staying stationary and sedentary will cause more exhaustion. Rest and self-care are important as is getting lots of sleep. The body and the brain also need movement. Most treatment centers include physical activities to help the body build up energy and aid in getting deeper sleep.


Addiction and alcoholism interfere with almost every system in the body including the thyroid. The thyroid is responsible for the production of essential hormones and has a great part to play in energy and fatigue. Easily affected by diet, exercise, and mentality, the thyroid can become slow, which leads to a drop in energy.

Mental State

Depression is characterized by symptoms of lethargy, laziness, lack of motivation, and chronic fatigue. Being in a chronically negative mental state can have an exhausting effect on the body.


Aurora Recovery Centre knows the exhaustion will pass. You are going to feel better and be able to live a whole new life. In the darkness of addiction, Aurora is a guiding light to lifelong recovery. For more information, call 844-515-STOP