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Addiction cannot be sustained. Each day that you continue to abuse drugs and alcohol, you are at risk for causing serious health problems, destroying different parts of your life, and losing your life altogether. Addiction is something that must be stopped before it’s too late, but cannot be stopped even thought it might be too late too soon. Coming to terms with the need to get sober is one of the most challenging parts of addiction recovery. A struggling addict knows that they cannot continue to live the way they are living. Yet, irrationally and illogically, they are terrified of changing. Sobriety asks for a lot of change, the most significant of which is not continuing to abuse drugs and alcohol. For the addict or the alcoholic, that means changing one thing: everything. 

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When addiction becomes addiction, meaning a total chemical dependency upon drugs and alcohol, it weaves its way into every area of someone’s life. Letting go of active addiction and choosing sobriety can mean having to change everything, which can feel like a tall order.

Sobriety is the unknown. Once upon a time, everyone was sober. There was some time in each person’s lives where there wasn’t a need to run from pain, avoid dealing with stress, and hide within the comfortable confines of chemical dependency. After being lost in addiction for numerous years, it can feel impossible to remember those times because of the way the brain changes under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Start Writing A New Story

People will give you a lot of metaphors about turning a new page, starting a new chapter, and rewriting your story. Don’t be in the same book at all. Life can be full of many volumes. Make this Your Life: Volume: Recovery. Be the leading star in your own story of recovery, from this very scary moment of indecision to years down the line when you’ve stayed sober and reflect.

Accept Relapse For What It Is

Relapse happens. Mistakes happen. Failures happen. There’s a good chance you’ll have to make this decision more than once. Though relapse does happen, it doesn’t have to. One thing has to be done right and perfectly on a consistent basis in recovery: staying sober. As long as you don’t pick up a drink or a drug, you’re doing the absolute best you could be doing.

Act As If

Act as if this wasn’t a big deal. Act as if getting sober was such a clearly obvious choice, you’d have no issue choosing it. Act as if you’re years down the line, clean and sober, grateful for the experience of recovery. Sometimes you just have to fake it in order to make it happen.

Come To Terms With The Reality

The reality of addiction is a tough one to bite when you’ve been getting away with drinking and using for so long. Time on earth as a human being is not infinite, it has an expiration date. Abusing harmful drugs and toxic alcohol makes that timeline extra uncertain. The truth about sobriety is, it probably won’t kill you, as threatening as it may seem. Active addiction, on the other hand, always promises that potential.

Choosing treatment and asking for help is hard to do. Aurora Recovery Center welcomes you. Let us show you the way to lifelong recovery. It is possible. Call 844-515-STOP today for more information on our residential treatment programs and continuum of care.