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Pressure can be a good thing. To make diamonds out of coal, an immense amount of pressure is required. At the right level, pressure can press us to achieve at a peak performance. Coming to treatment for recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism is a perfect example of that. Often, it is said in recovery, one will become willing to change once they are in enough pain. Negative stress is more often than not positive stress when it is viewed through the lens of pressure.

positive stress

Pressure can cause us to take action, make significant changes, and shift our perspective. Negative stress and negative pressure can cause rash, impulsive decisions simply to avoid feeling negative stress and negative pressure. Positive stress and positive pressure, on the other hand, encourage long lasting change.

How Stress Becomes A Good Thing

When the pressure is on, we have a decisions to make. Whether or not we feel we have the ability to control our decisions and our choices under pressure and under stress determines how we interpret stress. Feeling out of control beneath the pressure of stress leads to negative stress. Negative stress has negative consequences both psychologically and physically. However, when we feel that even though there is pressure we have the ability to control our choices and decisions, we feel positive stress.

Identifying Positive Stress

Self-Knowledge Is Self-Control. Knowing your boiling points and the behaviors you exhibit when you’re reaching your peak is important. You’ll be able to recognize you’re breaking point before your breaking point and take preemptive action which will mark the difference between positive and negative stress. Additionally, Living Authentically means knowing one’s limits more intimately. In recovery, we are in a constant discovery process of our authentic selves. Pulling together more information about who we are and what makes us tick helps us to make decisions in our lives.

Making Negative Stress Positive Stress

We often say in recovery that it takes an attitude of gratitude to stay sober. There is something to be grateful for in every negative situation. Under stress, we can learn a lot about ourselves and how we want to make decisions in the future. For that, we can be grateful. Without stress and difficulty in life, we cannot grow. If we went through life without experiencing any kind of negative stress we would never develop the self-awareness or the resiliency necessary to overcome it.


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