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We are baffled by what we hear from our loved ones about why they think they need to continue drinking. Understanding why one attaches to these reasons is critical for helping support a loved one with alcoholism toward recovery.


Alcohol is a depressant. Alcoholism and mental health disorders create what is called a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. For people suffering from mental health conditions such as depression, substances like alcohol provide temporary relief due to their euphoria inducing qualities. Alcohol can help people relax by lowering their inhibitions. Additionally, depression, though alleviated through alcohol abuse, is not exterminated through alcohol abuse.

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Alcohol is not meant to be used for psychiatric treatment


Hundreds of millions of people around the world will experience traumatic events within a given year. Only a small portion of those people will develop post traumatic stress disorder or other symptoms of trauma. Still, even watching the nightly news about terrorism can induce trauma like effects. Drinking to numb out emotional pain exacerbates the trauma. PTSD is highly co-occurring with alcohol use disorder. Many people with PTSD who drink, intentionally drink to blackout, hoping to forget what they’ve witnessed in their lives. Unfortunately, as it is with drinking to cope with other mental health disorders, the memories will still be there upon regaining consciousness.

“Dealing with Life”

Alcohol is not meant to be a crutch for reality. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, people suffering from alcohol use disorder have difficulty in dealing with life. A need to control people, places, and things, causes an alcoholic unending suffering. Incapable of coping, they turn to alcohol to make the world go away. Overtime, alcohol abuse leads to damage in parts of the brain which need to develop in order to cope with the world.

Reasons Alcoholics Justify Their Drinking

Alcoholism is not actually characterized by 24 hour a day 7 day a week belligerent intoxication. Looking at the criteria listed by The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, called The DSM, alcohol use disorder only needs to have symptoms occurring within a very recent amount of time.

Problematic drinking for problematic reasons are not the normal response to drinking alcohol. This is alcoholism.

It takes millions of people until they get to treatment to fully understand that. Sadly, millions more never make it, dying alcoholic deaths. Other reasons alcoholics justify their drinking can include:

  • Not drinking every day
  • Being able to stop, for a time
  • Not drinking at work, in the morning, or whatever other time
  • Only drinks certain kinds of alcohol
  • Never been arrested for public intoxication, fights, or driving under the influence
  • Is high functioning (i.e., has a job, a college degree, a marital spouse, etc.)

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