Life can unfortunately come with numerous painful experiences. Being an active addict or alcoholic seems to enhance the chances of experiencing pain. Using drugs and alcohol usually is, in part, a coping mechanism. A commonality that is found amongst addicts and alcoholics is that they are psychologically inept when it comes to coping with life’s circumstances. They have a need to feel in control, either of themselves or of others. When they cannot control others, they turn to drugs and alcohol which they feel they can control. Of course, eventually, they are betrayed once more when addiction and alcoholism is no longer controllable.

recover from pain

Many people come to treatment and recovery feeling broken. The weight of alcoholism, addiction, and a lifetime’s worth of painful experiences finally becomes too much to bear. At this lowest point, with all pressure bearing down and the last ounces of strength leaving one usually wonders, “Will I ever recover from the pain?” Millions of people around the world can attest that the answer is undoubtedly yes.

It Takes Time

Time is a difficult concept to grasp when a minute feels like an hour and a day is practically inconceivable. “One Day At A Time” is being repeated over and over, but one day feels like too long. Healing from pain takes time. As it is commonly asserted, “time heals all wounds”. All the pain didn’t accumulate in a day. It would be unrealistic to assume or even expect all that pain to disappear in one day.

It Takes Patience

Taking recovery one day at a time requires patience. Patience is a virtue, as it is said. Time will not come any faster than one second at a time, no matter how one wills it to. Fighting against the natural flow of healing makes the pain last longer because there is no ample time to heal.

It Takes Work

Simply stopping the use of drugs and alcohol, even maintaining abstinence, is not enough to make the pain go away. Getting honest in therapy, opening up to others, and being receptive to the wisdom being offered through treatment is important for doing the work.

It Takes Love

Love can come from others who are supportive of one’s treatment, but it can also come from oneself. Words of affirmation are critical to staying encouraged.


There is an end to the pain and there is a solution to the problem of drug and alcohol abuse. Let Aurora Recovery Centre show you the way to a new life full of happiness, health, and hope. Call us today for more information, 844-515-STOP.


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