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Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment allows each member to live in a comfortable space that is nurturing for their recovery.

Our residential program allows you the time and focus as well we provide you with immediate access to our knowledgeable staff as they help to develop the foundation of your personal recovery process.

As you decide to move forward and discover everything that Aurora Recovery has to offer, we encourage you to explore all of your options so that you are fully confident in your decision to seek recovery. Addiction recovery from drugs, behaviours and alcohol, is a specified type of treatment that requires a steady foundation and planning for all that enter into active recovery. You want to make sure that all of your needs are met and that everything you imagine to supplement your personal lifestyle is included.

At Aurora Recovery Centre, we believe in crafting a safe and comforting environment that does not enable addiction but helps to ease the stress that goes into the thinking process for every member. We understand more than anyone that the commitment to recovery is complex and should always be customized. Any recovery treatment should always have the member’s needs in mind, and getting to know every member individually is how we begin to do that. Checking into our residential treatment program allows for consistent and careful treatment throughout this difficult time. We want you to feel welcomed and comfortable to share your desires, your fears and your plans for the future with us.

Build Your Support Base

During your time in our residential treatment program, you will engage in group work and benefit from our group sessions and alternative therapies offer here at Aurora Recovery Centre. Group work enables a sharing of experience and ideas, providing tools and educational requirements for successful recovery. It is a powerful method to move toward change. One on one counselling with our addiction experts provides you with the opportunity to address any barriers in your life that are blocking you from being free of addiction.

Customized Residential Treatment Plans

We begin by putting effective recovery plans into place for you, well keeping in mind your own personal preference and lifestyle. Our counsellors and therapists will work together to provide you with custom adaptive options so that you can be successful during your learning process here at Aurora. The goal of treatment is to get your back to your home life with family, friends and the better equip you to navigate the stresses of work and living.

Comfortable Accommodations and Collective Recovery

Our residential treatment allows each member of ours to live in a comfortable space that is nurturing for their recovery. You will have your own private space, to sleep and think about everything you have learned each day. But we encourage group interaction and activity throughout your time here so that you may practice your communication skills and become empathetic toward your peers and their similar journey. We offer 12-step meetings and other types of recovery groups in-house every day as you reside in our residential treatment. These daily meetings will further supplement your connection to all that are living in the house and grant access to our treatment specialists for additional support.

We are all on the same path and through the experience of the residential program at Aurora Recovery, you will understand that benefit of connection and staying close to those who are travelling the same road of recovery. The collective completion of the program and success of becoming independent of drugs, behaviours and alcohol becomes a real living and breathing thing. Not only are you gaining support here, every single day that you are in treatment, but you develop a nurturing feeling for others. When we are invested in treatment, and the friendships we have made, recovery feels possible!

Living and Nutrition: Mind, Body, Connection

We aim to provide emotional, physical and theoretical food for your mind and body. Your nutritional needs are met through our addictions recovery menus that are specifically crafted by our nutrition staff and your particular dietary needs. Your personal exercise plan will be based on a medical recommendation of your physical tolerance capacity and your preference. When the body and mind are connected, amazing things begin to happen.

During recovery, you cleanse the mind and body of the influence of drugs and alcohol that fuel addiction. We also work on healing the mind and body through diet and exercise. Exercise and supplementing diet will help us to refuel the brain and soul for caring treatment toward ourselves and others. Exercise activates endorphins which counteract depression and anxiety, that can help us turn negative and introspective thoughts around. As your body and mind begin to heal, you will love the way you look and feel. We build connection, confidence and love here at Aurora.

Your program will include guest speakers with expertise in addiction related areas. The knowledge and helpful tips they provide will be very helpful to your recovery.

Exercise at Aurora

Addicts will often need to build their physical health back up. This will require a medically sanctioned personal exercise program. We have beautiful walking trails, a variety of exercise equipment, and one of the largest swimming pools in Manitoba. There is equipment for outdoor games, and equipment for winter exercise outdoors such as snowshoeing. Nutritional food and regular eating patterns are needed to reinstate your physical health. Our menus are designed for the recovering addict’s needs.

Combining Psychological, Spiritual, and Medical Treatment

Should it be necessary for your success, our residential program ensures access to spiritual, medical and psychological expertise. These experts address specific co-occurring issues and problems that may interfere with your successful addictions treatment work during your stay in our residential program.

Withdrawal Management

Residential care is a big step and that means you need to be in a sufficiently recovered condition physically, emotionally and mentally to maximize all that your residential program has to offer you. Our Withdrawal Management Unit is designed for specifically that purpose. Withdrawal can be physically uncomfortable, and you may have needs as a result of your chemical use that require medical attention. Our medical staff are on the unit to assess, monitor and assist in the medical needs of your withdrawal process.

Active addiction causes emotional and mental health issues which are exaggerated during the withdrawal process. Our counsellors are part of the Withdrawal Management Unit to assist you with these needs. Once you are feel better physically, your emotions have settled somewhat, and you have regained your ability to focus, you are ready to begin your residential treatment program.

The residential treatment process ensures all of these initial recovery needs are met and become the primary focus in your life at this time, coordinated and met within the specific period of your stay with us. For those that need added support and a steady treatment process with stability, please call Aurora Recovery Centre today to learn about how you can be admitted into our home.


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