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There’s a lot of sharing that goes on in the addiction treatment and recovery process. Each day starts with sharing at a morning meditation when we are asked to give our insight on what the daily selected reading meant to us. In our individual therapy sessions, we are encouraged to share our experiences, pasts, and fears with our therapists. Group therapy sessions involve sharing on our own behalf as well as sharing on the behalf of others to offer them feedback. 

sharing authentically

Attending various twelve step meetings or sober support meetings, we might be called on to share about our sobriety, our using, or our opinion on another selected reading. All day long we are being called upon to open up and authentically present not only ourselves but our innermost thoughts. This can be an immensely tall order.

Authenticity is something so many of us felt we found when we found drugs and alcohol.

Somewhere hidden within the euphoria of our drink and/or drug of choice was the secret to who we were. Insecure, unsure, and lacking in a sense of self as well as self-esteem, we felt fulfilled by the way drugs and alcohol made us feel about ourselves. For years we relied upon this personality filler to carry our broken hearts through life. Everything we thought and felt, every way we acted and behaved, revolved around the critical role substances were playing in our lives.

Then one day, they were gone.

We were left to ourselves, the selves we desperately tried to escape.

Now, that self was being asked to be authentic. We have to find what that self feels, what that self likes, what that self dislikes, what that self wants, what that self needs. We are challenged to look within and develop a vocabulary to describe the self and speak on it’s behalf. Some days are harder than others and we can feel at a loss of words, feelings, or the inspiration to continue opening up.

Look to these 4 questions prompted by to keep showing up and sharing authentically:

  1. What am I afraid would happen if I shared my experience right now?
  2. How will feel if I don’t share what I’m thinking, feeling, and experiencing?
  3. If I weren’t afraid, what would I most want to say right now?
  4. How can I share this with even more vulnerability?

It may be hard to believe, but every time you share authentically, you are making yourself stronger and inspiring someone around you to be strong as well. Recovery is about growing stronger every day in mind, body, and spirit. It’s a cohesive and comprehensive lifestyle which needs a similar treatment to set the foundation. Aurora Recovery Center provides that foundation through a multi phase treatment program for men and women seeking transformation from substance abuse and dual diagnosis issues. For more information call 1-844-515-STOP today.


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