Sex addiction is under controversial fire right now for its legitimacy as a mental health disorder. Though it is not listed as an official diagnosis, thousands of people suffer the consequences of their sexual compulsions.

signs sex addiction

Your sexual life is getting in the way of the rest of your life: 

having a healthy and active sex life is normal for most people. For someone with a sex addiction, there is nothing healthy or normal about their sex life. Relationships used for sex can become more important than other relationships in life. Money, time, and energy is put into sexual activity instead of other life responsibilities. You are tired, emotionally drained, or so preoccupied with thoughts or obsessions about sex that you cannot function in your daily life.

You don’t feel as though you can control your sexual impulses: 

Every time you get aroused or experience a craving for sexual activity, you act on it. You’ve lost the ability to manage and control your sexual impulses. You mean to only glance at a sexual website or section of the TV programming and end up hours later after chronic “use” of some kind of sexual activity or input.

You feel like sex is the only answer you have for coping: 

A sexual impulse is usually about not being able to withstand from participating in a behavior that feels good. A sexual compulsion, on the other hand, is less about feeling good than it is to avoid feeling not good. Every Time you experience stress, discomfort, or another challenging emotion, you feel a nagging compulsion to participate in a sexual behavior. Your ideas of relief, reward, and security have been skewed because of the way they are tied into sex.

You are developing a sexual tolerance: 

A tolerance for sexual activity and sexual behaviors means that you need more, for a longer amount of time, or in a more extreme form. Often, people with sex addiction find that their methods for receiving sexual pleasure increase in intensity.

Your relationships are suffering: 

Significant others, family members, and friends seem to be upset with you. Missing appointments, skipping occasions, or forgetting to show up is happening because of your sex addiction. You’re dishonest about what is going on with you and it is hurting other people.

You are experiencing adverse physical effects:

Too much sex or sexual activity can have negative side effects. Men can experience erectile dysfunction or damage. Women get their hormones messed up and suddenly lost their ability to physically react to sexual arousal.

You feel powerless: 

The most important and significant sign of sex addiction is that you feel completely powerless over the presence of sex, in any form, in your life.

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