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Last year, world famous rock star Ozzy Osbourne went to treatment for sex addiction. This year, Osborne asserted that he isn’t a sex addict, he’s just a rockstar and that reckless extra-marital sex is par for the course. Ozzy highlights a growing controversy with sex addiction: is it real or not? Some are concerned sex addiction has become the scapegoat term for cheating and being unloyal in a committed relationship. Others feel it is a psychological compulsion which needs treatment and help. At Aurora Recovery Centre, we believe that any compulsion which causes harm to mind, body and spirit of the self and to others is a condition worth treating. If you feel you might be struggling with sex addiction and its taking a toll on your life, see if you can identify with these signs.

signs struggling with sex additiction

You Obsess Over Sex

Addiction is marked by obsessive thoughts. The brain becomes completely fixated on what it has become addicted to because it relies upon it for the chemical stimulation of pleasure. You find that you can’t think about or concentrate on anything else for long. You’re planning, thinking about, reminiscing, or craving your next sexual activity.

You Feel Your Sex Life Is Taboo

Part of any addiction comes with the guilt and shame associated with it. Neuroimaging research has found that the brain is somewhat masochistic- it enjoys feeling pain. There might be a payoff to having a taboo sex life from the feeling of satisfaction doing something everyone else thinks is wrong. As a result, you often feel you have to hide your sexual thoughts and urges. Yet, on the other hand, you feel a distinct sense of pleasure from sharing those thoughts with others who encourage you to act on them.

Your Sexual Behaviors Are Problematic

Relationships are usually the first thing to be negatively influenced by a sex addiction. For example, when someone is chronically unfaithful to a spouse. Relationships with friends, coworkers, and even children can suffer as well. In addition, sex addiction can cause problems financially as some turn to porn and prostitutes to act out their compulsions.

You’ve Tried To Stop And It Didn’t Work

You might have made different restrictions to your sex life to manage the unmanageability which has developed. Nothing has worked. Instead, you feel as though you are completely out of control. Typically, this is a sign of addiction. You cannot stop no matter how you try and feel your impulse has gotten out of control.

Recovery is possible for sex addiction. Let Aurora Recovery Centre light the way. We provide residential treatment programs for sex addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorders including anxiety and substance abuse. For more information, call 844-515-STOP today.