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Holiday dinners are full of delicious treats and favorite dishes. Sitting at the holiday dinner table usually includes a visual scan of the copious amounts of wonderful food. For many, a common holiday practice is to skip a meal or two before the big feast, in order to save room. The frame of mind being, the more hungry and the less food in the stomach, the more room for holiday foods. Seconds, thirds, and even extra dessert will be guilt free and welcomed without those extra meals.

skip meals during holidays


Huffington Post reports that skipping those meals are not without consequence, consequence that goes much deeper than getting extra full at the holiday table. First, there are psychological consequences. Focusing on the plethora of food and making the conscious decision to skip meals is actually choosing to binge and purge. Purging would be the fasting before the meal while the bingeing is in the plan to overindulge during the meal. If one were only going to eat a normal amount of food during the holiday feast, they wouldn’t need to skip meals beforehand. Second, fasting and then preparing to eat a lot affects your mood and blood sugar (which also affects your mood). Feeling like you’re starving before sitting down is going to result in more mindless eating than savoring eating. You’ll be eating more and more quickly than you will be able to enjoy what you eat. Additionally, you’ll miss out on the post-feasting glow because your blood sugar levels (and mood) will be all over the place.

Maintaining Balance With Holiday Eating

To avoid the fallout after fasting and feasting, eat healthy sized meals throughout the day. Avoid all day snacking by having meals. Make sure to balance starch, vegetables, and protein throughout the day.

Still Enjoy Your Favorites

Part of the psychological problem with holiday fasting and feasting is a lack of balance when it comes to favorite foods. Don’t avoid eating your favorite treats, but eat them in moderation. Eating too much can result in guilt and remorse for indulging. However, avoiding them entirely and depriving yourself can also result in guilt and remorse.


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