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One of the biggest deterrents to those contemplating going to any kind of treatment program to get sober from an addiction is life after treatment. Sobriety and recovery are nothing less than game changers. When you commit to a life of abstinence, personal growth, and spirituality, you are dedicating yourself to more than quitting drinking and drug abuse. You are making an entire lifestyle change. Lifestyle changes can be mental, physical, and social. 

sober friends after addiction treatment

Usually, when we choose to get sober, we in one way or another choose to leave certain parts of our old lives behind. Some of us are lucky enough to have friends who are unconditionally supportive, no matter what we choose with our lives. Concerned for our wellbeing, they are typically relieved when they learn that we have made the decision to seek treatment and opt for abstinence in our lives. Unfortunately, there are many of us who have friends who were as sick as we, holding onto the life of addiction or substance abuse. Such friends are not usually understanding or supportive of our new lifestyle changes. They ask us to return to our old way of living and forget sobriety. The choice is ours to make: what is new or what is familiar?

Addiction and Alcoholism

Addiction and alcoholism are isolating. Though we might have had hundreds of friends and acquaintances, we probably felt  very alone. Addicts and alcoholics are of the mindset that they can walk into a room full of people they know and not feel known at all. Because of that sentiment, the idea that recovery could be equally, if not more so, polarizing is terrifying. However, most find that their lives in recovery bring them more fulfilling relationships than they ever experienced before in their addictions. Being more present, honest, and open helps them to build quality connections. Most of recovery was founded upon the unique bond which can only be formed between two people who have suffered from the insanity of alcoholism and addiction.

Though your life will now demand abstinence, your friends do not have to. You have worked hard to learn about what you need, what you want, and what is healthy for you. Life will bring you many surprises through the presence of people in your life. Be open to these new experiences and make informed decisions about who you want to be close to. You’ve earned it.

Aurora Recovery Centre provides a transitional treatment system which helps members build a community with their peers in treatment as well as others in the local recovery community. From detox to transitional living, Aurora encourages members to make connections and create meaning in their new lives of sobriety. For more information on how we’re lighting the path to lifelong recovery, call us today at 844-515-STOP.