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Social anxiety is a common form of anxiety. One of the leading mental health disorders, anxiety affects millions of people worldwide, influencing how they think, feel, behave, and act.

social anxiety
  • You’re Afraid Of Being Judged And Criticized. The idea of what someone else might think of you is paralyzing. You’re terrified that someone will find something wrong with you, judge you, or criticize you. Worse, if they don’t find something on their own, because you feel whatever is wrong with you must be blatantly obvious, you’re terrified that you will do something to embarrass yourself. Talking to strangers, being around strangers, or having to be put on the spot in front of a group of people doesn’t just make you nervous, it practically makes you sick.
  • You’re Anxious Before And After Social Events. With a big party coming up or a presentation at work, your mind is running on overload with ideas of the worst case scenario. When you are going to be around a lot of people, you run through every way you might make a mistake and be humiliated. After an event, even if it went well, you’re obsessing over whether or not they liked you, what they didn’t like about you, and what that all means.
  • You Experience Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety. Anxiety is not just manifested mentally, it is manifested physically as well. Before a social engagement, even just coffee with a friend, you might experience rapid heartbeat, an upset stomach, sweating, or a headache.
  • You Avoid Social Interactions. Dealing with all of this can be challenging. In order to cope, or not have to cope, you avoid social interactions as much as possible. You don’t necessarily like being along most of the time, but the isolation is preferable to dealing with the anxiety.
  • You’re Convinced Of The Worst. It doesn’t matter how much you excite yourself or how good of a pep talk you give to the face in the mirror, you’re always expecting the worst. You’re not just afraid of making a mistake in front of people. You’re afraid that mistake could cost you your reputation, your job, your livelihood, and force you to change your name and move out of the country. You take worst case scenario to a whole new level.

Aurora Recovery Centre understands the challenges which come with living with social anxiety disorder. Our dual diagnosis treatment programs are designed to show you the way to living with anxiety while still fully embracing life. For more information on our programs, call 844-515-STOP.


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