What is the Role of Spirituality in Recovery?  

It is said that we need to work on our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual needs when we are on the road to recovery. What does working on our spirit look like? Maybe it means acknowledging that we cannot recover alone and that there is a power greater than ourselves. We come from all walks of life, spiritual beliefs, and values.  

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The Deprived Spirit

When we are working on addiction recovery, one of the many important functions of spirituality is the brotherhood and sisterhood and support of like-minded individuals. Sharing similar beliefs and values with people who understand your position helps to create a solid base from which to sustain recovery.

We are taught that everything has a spirit. The spirit of alcohol and drugs is no exception. How do we learn to understand and work with that spirit?  We can do this by recognizing how it affects us. Do we begin to isolate ourselves, start lying, cheating, avoiding situations, are we sick all the time, are people noticing and asking if anything is wrong? If you are no longer engaging in a way that many saw as your norm, that spirit of the addiction is now affecting you in a negative way. With each use you are feeding that spirit of addiction and it continues to grow inside of you.

Feeding Your Spirit with Good

To regain your true spirit, you must now begin to do things to help feed your spirit. The first part may be reaching out to ask for help. It may take several tries, because that negative spirit does not want to let go of you.  

Beginning to connect to your spirit will involve several aspects that we often take for granted and even forsake when using. The process begins with the physical detoxification, followed by helping our body recover by providing it with food.

If we believe that everything has a spirit, then the basic act of eating represents feeding our spirit. We speak about eating healthy and taking care of our spirit by providing it with proper nutrition.

We may then begin to start feeling a little better with this nutrition and once again start to become a little more active.  This may be as simple as walking, or be more involved like getting into the gym and starting a routine.

Becoming aware of what happened to us through education is also feeding our spirit. Engaging with others who understand and have the knowledge to begin to change our way of thinking and doing is also important in healing our spirit.

Reconnecting to your own spirit, and believing in something greater than yourself may be one way to understand spirituality.  It is within you and all around you. Take care of your spirit.


Kevin K.


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